Professional Human Rights Training

Peaceful Planet Human Rights Education will also undertake professional human rights education training in English, French, Farsi, and Turkish for government agencies, social institutions and education authorities on a train the trainers basis. For this, the series of workshops is delivered intensively over 7 to 10 days and includes instruction in the workshop methodology as wall as the human rights content based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Panning sessions for broad implementation and also continued monitoring of progress can be included if required.

One group of funded full time trainers would train other groups on a one session per week basis for fifteen weeks with the agreement of the participants’ department or employer. This could result in training a large number of people at government level, community level or in businesses and continuing education for teachers in quite a short space of time. At government level, participation in the workshops and completion of the course could be made a prerequisite for advancement.

Training teachers to deliver human rights education.

This can be arranged in English, French, Farsi and Turkish

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Human Rights for Schools and Colleges

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