Human Rights Workshops

We teach human rights by means of workshops for 15 to 20 people at a time. Each workshop comprises a short review of the previous session and a preview of the content of the current session. Most of the time is taken up with a guided group discussion of the Articles of the UDHR for that session.

We hope that participants in our workshops will be inspired to teach human rights to others, or at least share their new knowledge with family and friends. Each series is 15 weekly sessions. People who join our workshops often find they become more tolerant and democratic in their approach to people and situations but that depends on you!

The workshops at a community level are free of charge, delivered by volunteers. At the moment we are running workshops in the UK but plan to expand this by means of internet technology to other language communities, once we have workshop leaders in all five languages of the website that the materials are translated into.

Contact us for forthcoming workshops. We can or will soon be able to deliver in Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, Turkish and Urdu as well as English.

Training national officials and teachers

Workshops can also be arranged to train agency and government officials in improving human rights performance a teachers to teach human rights to their students. This can be delivered as an intensive two week programme in your country. Please see Professional Human Rights training page

For information about our workshop methodology, click here

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