What do we do?

We help people to understand what human rights are, why they are important and how learning human rights can change your life.

  • Human rights teaching materials for schools and colleges
  • Videos
  • Human rights workshop leaders’ course
  • Self-study course on human rights (Universal Declaration on Human Rights)

Video clips

30 video clips that illustrate each Article of the Universal Declaration.

Watch videos

Human Rights teaching materials

You can download a complete set of lesson plans with class activities for classroom teaching for children from 8 to 16 year old with booklets and a 10 minute video documentary, The Story of Human Rights. Please sign up to access the teaching and learning materials.

Self-Study Course

You can download the Self-Study Course section by section . It is for your interest and understanding and there is a resources section with each  lesson. You can also do your own research to add to the materials supplied.

Human Rights workshops

To find out about our workshop training for human rights advocates and human rights workshop leaders please click here to sign up

Workshop leadership training can also be arranged for agency and government officials in improving human rights performance. This can be delivered as an intensive two week program in your country. Contact us to discuss what you need.

Our Vision

A world where every human being is valued and respected; everybody matters.

Our aims?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was agreed by the nations of the world in 1948. They intended we should teach it in all schools everywhere. Has this been done in your country? Probably not. Our campaign is to call on all Governments to implement this one, simple action to make the world a safer, more peaceful and more tolerant home for humanity.

Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights here.

Watch the video here: