Peaceful Planet and Human Rights Education in Iraqi Kurdistan

Police and security officers and teachers are being trained using our educational materials in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Since November 2016 Issa Sufy, Director of Erbil based NGO, Alliance for Peace and Human Rights Organisation (APHRO),

has been working with the UN in Iraq, delivering human rights education using the Kurdish materials on the Peaceful Planet website. 430 security service cadets and 700 police officers and cadets have been trained this year and in November there was a pilot project training 30 teachers in Halabja how to teach human rights.

The teacher training project was coordinated with the Ministry of Education in Erbil and local education authority in Halabja. With APHRO, Peaceful Planet is now planning a much larger teacher education programme to train the teachers in the four major centres of population and also teachers serving one and a half million Arabic speaking refugees.

The current political and military situation in Iraq and Kurdistan makes this a very challenging area in which to deliver human rights education but the willingness of the Government authorities there is a very good indication for the future.

We anticipate more refugees as the military situation evolves and we are committed to helping create a peaceful future for all the ethnic and religious groups in the area.

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