Creating a whole new world, one person at a time

This is the mantra of Peaceful Planet Human Rights Education so how well do we live up to it? PPHRE started sharing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in a workshop format in 2014 with three simple ideas

  • For people in the Middle East to have a government that is recognisably democratic and peaceful, stable and civil they need to have a democratic mind set – as individuals
  • All violations of human rights as agreed by the nations united in 1948 are really carried out by individuals although they might be under pressure from government authority or social custom
  • Mostly people look at human rights only from the point of view of what is wrong. But in life whatever you focus on most you get more of. Focus on problems … and you have more problems; focus on solutions and you are part way to finding and achieving a solution. Another way of saying this is that if you focus on the existing scene this is what you will be stuck with. Focus on what you can call the ideal scene and your horizons expand and you can join with others to improve many different existing scenes.

So how did this work out in practice?

People who join our workshops are learning with their hearts as well as with their heads. Their attitudes are changing; their behaviour is changing; how they handle life and other people is changing. We are creating a whole new world one person at a time.

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